When I grow up…

I wanna be: a fireman, a baseball player, an astronaut, a fisherman, president or Hugh Hefner.  Depending on your age, style, preference and skills, when you were asked that question, I’ll bet you had a different answer each time.  I always thought I’d be good at anything.  I thought I could do anything.  I thought, I thought.  I thought too much and probably didn’t DO enough.  Sure, there were plenty of crap jobs creating a crap resume and ridiculous larks into fantasy about owning businesses or acting on the big screen.  The reality never really sank in until recently that I have no idea what I’d like to do with my life.  My passions include animals, movies, nature and sports.  According to the movie, “El Secreto de sus ojos”, a man’s passion never changes.  Those passions combined mean only one thing: training wild animals to play catch on an L.A. sound-stage.  Unfortunately, that job was taken by that guy whose best friend is a bear or Steve Irwin, and my kneecap doesn’t equal either of those two’s eyelashes.  How many people would like to donate their lives to animal safety or security?  How many people are desperate to preserve nature?  I imagine much less than those interested in Hollywood or professional sports.  The point is: What can I do with my time?  “It’s never too late for a second chance;” “Find your passion and pursue it;” “Just do it.”  Thanks to those maxims, it is thought that anything you want is possible.  For my sake, I hope it is.  I’d love my dream to come true so I can be a positive influence saying things like: “I’m an example that anyone can accomplish anything.”  Please, dream-board, give me the chance to save orphaned animals and play outside with them everyday so that I can go to the movies on weekends and watch the playoffs every year.

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