A Short List of 20 Little Differences

When I returned to Korea after a year traveling SE Asia, Italy and USA, I was curious what I would notice, what changed, what feelings I’d re-experience, what would bother, excite or challenge me this time. Turns out, it’s the same same but different. Continue reading

1984 and The War on Terror

I went to an all-boys high school. We had four or five female teachers in the whole school and an all male kitchen staff. Those haggard teachers were the most confident ladies ever to give detention. We must have looked at them like the goddesses they were most certainly not. In high school, the two newest editions to the female scope, bluntly put were a short, mousy-looking lady and a pear-shaped black woman with a Halle Berry crop. Needless to say, they became quite popular on our hormone-riddled campus. Continue reading


After watching a beautiful youtube video: RSA—Changing Education Paradigms, I realized how dangerous conformity really can be. After spending a few months in Korea, and experiencing the gold standard of conformity, I started wanting to scream on the subway just to disrupt the routine or wear my shoes inside and watch the reaction. I have been shushed for talking on the subway, pushed for standing on the sidewalk, and stared at for being white in an Asian land. Continue reading