How to Fix Boxing in 3 Easy Steps

Floyd “Money for My Lawyers” Mayweather and Manny “No Birth Control” Pacquiao recently fought to a unanimously boring decision in Mayweather’s favor. A total of 229 punches were landed in the fight, which averages to six per minute or 19 per round (a small number compared to the real “fight of the century” Ward v. Gatti in 2002 when those punch-happy crowd-pleasers combined for a staggering average of 17 punches landed per minute and 51 per round). Continue reading

Forget Floyd

“Floyd Mayweather wins by surprising knockout over the Filipino fury, Manny Pacquiao.” “The boxing world has found the true pound for pound champion.” “No more questions, we have our answer.” “A Cinco de Mayo for the ages!” Is what the headlines could have read…But, of course not. Floyd continues to skirt around the only true competition left near his weight class. Continue reading