Toilet Seats

Women are always asking men to put the toilet seats down.  I understand their complaint, but I can’t believe it actually happens.  Who sits down without looking first?  Nobody sits down on a couch without looking, there could be a bag of potato chips, a discarded fork or a tiny lap dog.  The fact is, women don’t want to touch the seat with their hands.  It’s an easy excuse to get guys to do their work for them.  “Hey, you put it up, you put it down”.  Here’s the count, every time a guy tinkles, it’s once up, and then once down, that’s touching it twice.  If men put the toilet seat up when they went, it would be one touch.  Then, when women have to go, they put it down, one touch.  It’s one touch rule, every gender is responsible for their up or down side.  Of course at night, the seat must always remain down, that’s the compromise I am willing to propose.  Will it be accepted, doubtful…

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