I am writing for anyone who reads.  I am writing for anyone who enjoys opinions.  I am writing so that I am not full of clutter.

Enjoyment includes and not limited to movies, music, mystery, animals, travel, weather, hilarity, pizza, enchiladas, hiking, swimming, sports, and reading.

Dislikes include and not limited to screaming, skinny jeans, early alarms, itchy shirt tags, traffic, tickling, runny cheese, bitter wine, and headaches.

One thought on “About

  1. Ok first, how come comments are closed on your individual blogs? And second…I GASPED OUT LOUD when I read that you just saw Sound of Music for the first time last summer. I was forced to endure it every year by your Uncle Tom. When I was little I didn’t really get it, and it felt SO long. When I was a sullen teenger I sulked through it. But now it is one of my favorites, and one of the most poignant memories of my dad. He used to sing Edelweis very beautifully. I never got the chance to tell him unfortunately. Another great blog entry, thanks Will. PS: I will carry on the tradition and force my own kids to watch too…they LOVE my singing ; )

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