Thanks to Netflix

Aziz Ansari just blew me away with his new stand-up special, Right Now. He’s always been a good comedian, but this was his giant leap into great. His Netflix show, Master of None, was pretty good. It’s not as funny as Tim Robinson’s new show, I Think You Should Leave, which is curse out loud, spit out your food, fall off your chair ridiculous. With this special, Aziz hit the buttons of the moment and made them funny.

R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, being woke, white guilt, manufactured Internet outrage, life, death and IUD’s. I literally cried and literally LOL’d. I feel thankful to have so much stand-up comedy in my life. Audible has a new collection that came free with my subscription. Netflix has a seemingly limitless quantity including some of my favorites, Bill Burr, Jim Jefferies, Joe Rogan, John Mulaney and more that you might not know, like Rory Scovel or Tom Segura.

This age of entertainment is so glutted, the Netflix CEO said, “Our competition is sleep, and we’re winning.” He’s right, it’s hard to do anything when there’s so much on my computer to keep me laughing, learning or crying.

My wife and I enjoyed The Last Czars, a docu-drama about the end of the Romanov dynasty. We just watched Adam Sandler’s new movie, Murder Mystery, and it was good, silly fun. Adam Sandler also put out an excellent new stand-up, 100% Fresh, with a tear-filled (for me) tribute to my teenage hero, Chris Farley.

A long time ago, George Costanza said people would watch his show about “nothing” because it was on TV. He was right, because we used to be tied to time. Now, streaming frees us from clock-based entertainment and into a landscape of entertainment liberation. And, most importantly, the quality has gone up! Sure, we had The Sopranos on HBO, Seinfeld on NBC and The Simpsons on Fox, but now we have all of them whenever we want it.

Maybe it’s too much. But I don’t think so. Maybe it’s the future. I told a friend that a future with Universal Basic Income would be a future where everyone is a creator of some kind of art. When humans are free from working for a living, they will begin living for creating. We all have some art that makes sense to us, writing, photography, painting, music, film, sport, video, dance, sculpture, singing or even miming. It is not language that separates us, for sea mammals definitely have language. It is creating lasting ideas of beauty. Whales may have beautiful songs but no records to listen to the whale equivalent of Pavarotti. Dolphins may play games in the waves, but have no world cup of seaweed tag.

Our magical brains are a phenomenon. The memes of shared knowledge, the stories of antiquity, the cave paintings, and even the extreme mass extinction we are now instigating are amazing and terrible proofs of our remarkable imagination. Aziz took me from giggling about pizza to crying about the inevitable loss of our parents. He genuinely thanked the crowd at the end of the show and I’d like to say the same. Thank you to all the creators. You’re the bacon in the burger of life.

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