We have incisors and molars.  Humans are made to be omnivores.  Now, we are no longer hunters but only gatherers.  Can you imagine if we all had to kill our own meat, skin it, prepare it, smoke or store it and then cook it?  The fact that delicious meats are available in every market in every city in America is the reason that vegetarianism will remain the minority.  The cavemen would kill the mammoths or other large game and have food for weeks, subsisting at other times on nuts, berries and greens during the low hunting seasons.  I have nothing against eating only veggies, but cutting my food seems to be part of my humanity.  I feel a huge buzz after eating a steak.  I feel pure delight when consuming buffalo tenders.  Pork chops, tender fish, burgers—don’t tell me no!  I fully appreciate their sacrifice for my reward.  Therefore, animals should be slaughtered as humanely as possible.  Although it is an oxymoron, they can at least be raised properly and in turn will elicit better, healthier meat.  The future holds a world where delicious, wild fish could be extinct, such as tuna and salmon.  Farm raised fish doesn’t sound right.  The point is to consume and cultivate intelligently while conserving the natural habitat and customs of the animals.  We share this world with animals; they deserve our respect before we ingest them.  Vegans and vegetarians keep on your path if you desire, but don’t deny yourself the tastes of our world.  Sample the treasures of land and sea.  Meat eaters keep on your path, but don’t over-farm, over-fish or over-consume just because you don’t like broccoli.

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