A Prince Engaged

Most people love weddings.  They enjoy seeing two young people looking as sharp as knives and smiling like car salesmen starting their journey together.  There is so much promise, so much hope, love, desire, happiness and presumed fulfillment of dreams.  Eventually, the buzz wears off leaving behind the wonderful,  stable relationships we see walking hand in hand in the autumn years or disintegrates into divorce.  Either way, there was a honeymoon.  William Windsor recently announced his engagement to a beautiful young commoner and the tabloids rejoiced!  Evidently, they had their courting period which involved some ugly gum chewing faux pas, a breakup, a makeup, a college and military graduation and finally the ceremony whereby Diana’s ring found a new finger.  The world will watch next year as a man born into a rich, royal family marries the best lady Britain has available and we will never be happy for them again.  They will be dissected under that same fine toothed paparazzi comb that chased Diana into a wall in France.  There will be more protection presumably, and perhaps if they don’t divorce it won’t have such an ugly ending, but nevertheless, their lives are for our perusal.  Our modern royalty is for the commoners to know.  Americans usually take an indifferent stance on the British monarchs, but always know who they are and what they’re doing.  We don’t have that “God save the Queen/King” mentality.  Generally, until the late 19th century, it was more like a “Go F@#* the King”.  The few rulers left in Denmark, Spain, Holland, England,  Sweden and elsewhere have little left except just to represent themselves as  well as they can.  They’re at the World Cup, Olympics and in the tabloids.  They are figureheads from a bygone era, but still fascinating.  (The Middle Eastern Kings seem to me to be a different breed in that they seem to be sellouts.  They went to Oxford, speak with a British accent, wear suits, have beautiful wives and don’t give much back to their countries.  I confess to be completely ignorant of their actual behaviors, but what can I do, who knows who the king of Saudi Arabia is, and I guarantee nobody else in that country travels, lives or eats like that fat douche.)  I know that British royalty is only a name in the political system with no real power, but they still represent England and give a certain pride to the Brits.  Australia, Canada, New Zealand and some Caribbean islands have the Queen’s face on their money and respect her notably absent authority.  The sun never sets on the English empire, and it will continue to be that way as long as there are new babies and new weddings.  Basically, what I see in the newlyweds faces is a blind hope to be happy together and enjoy castle life.

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