Cats Are Cool

Please vacate my pool.

I have always loved cats.  I recently became enamored with dogs. They are the best two pets if you don’t include trained squirrels or calm bears. My three cats lay on me during TV time. They are fun to watch during kitty playtime. Dogs are aware of every sound in their vicinity and want to protect you, whereas most cats will run and hide at the approaching sound of danger. The differences between the species is much more vast than their similarities which are basically limited to whiskers and fur.  It’s a great first date question–cats or dogs?  If they choose cats, they are probably snuggly, introspective and seductive. If they choose dogs, they are probably protective/jealous, boisterous and passionate. There is room for overlap of course, and that is where most people should find themselves. Not, are you a cat or dog person, but, are you an animal person? If you answer no to that, I’ll bet you’re also not a people person.

I hate to generalize and there are surely people out there who just hate fur or litter boxes or walking a dog twice a day and might love other people’s animals, but don’t need the constant attention of a four-legged friend. Are you the kind of person who sees a dog and needs to pet it, or do you move out of its reach? I must pet that dog.

I love to feel the completely individualized energy from each little pup. In contrast, I get very angry when people tell me not to pet the pup because he’s mean. “Then what the hell did you do wrong?” I always want to ask.

Spending time with animals is therapeutic and relaxing. Cancer patients and elderly get animal therapy. Even Osama Bin Laden probably has some mangy mutt he feeds his extra rice to in that disgusting Pakistani cave he cowers in at night. Dogs solve crimes, find criminals and sniff out drugs. Cats have much less utility and are basically hug buttons and purr machines.

Both serve purposes and can really turn that frown upside down. Do yourself a favor– go to the shelter, save a creature who will love you unconditionally and find some easy love everyday. (Oh and have them spayed or neutered, feral animals live without love and it’s sad.)

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