Tuesday Bluesday

Of all the days, Tuesday is the worst.  Monday still has talk of the weekend past, still can chalk up a tired morning or a bad day to residual effects of the weekend.  Wednesday is hump day and the mental effects of being halfway done is obvious, there is still enough time left in the week to finish your deadline.  Thursday has a feeling of impending relief; we have made it through the work week and find ourselves saying goodbye to co-workers with it’s almost Friday, because it is.  And of course, Friday is a great day, it’s sometimes casual, it’s sometimes the fun day of the office, it’s sometimes the long lunch day, its sometimes the exciting, head right from work to happy hour day.  Tuesday is too far from the past weekend to be reliving any moments from it.  It is usually the day that requires the most work to be done.  The end of the week seems infinitely far away.  Tuesday holds a grudge from staying out late over the weekend.  Tuesday you must workout, or else your exercise schedule is off.  Tuesday is the grumpy old man of the week, angry that he’s still here and not senile enough to be happy he’s anywhere.  Enjoy your week and try to make it through Tuesday